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Qoin - Crypto Currency Payment Method

Changing the way businesses and consumers transact

Sentry Water Filters has incorporated QOIN into their payment system to make it easier for the thousands of businesses and consumers using QOIN to transact using cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Qoin offers super fast touchless transactions

Its mutually beneficial for businesses and consumers to transact using Qoin which is why we are excited to finally offer it. 

If you aren't already part of the QOIN community, joining is simple. Just download the app on your phone, register and you're good to go.

Using Qoin to pay:


Our wallet address is:


Step 1 - Checkout as usual and select QOIN as your preferred payment method. 

Step 2 - From your Qoin account simply scan the QR Code above (located at the top right on the checkout page as well) or copy and paste the wallet address we have provided. 

Step 3 - Enter the exact amount in dollars and send through the payment like you would with any other online payment system.

You're all done!  Your order will now be processed.