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Changing RO Membrane Instructions


These instructions are applicable to the removal of and fitting of 1812 reverse osmosis membranes found on most domestic RO units. These following instructions are specific to water filter factory and Splish water RO units – note that most domestic systems utilise a similar design however there may be differences between your unit and the units described in these instructions.

Reverse osmosis membranes will need to be changed periodically as part of a regular service cycle. On most domestic under-sink systems a membrane should last 3 years. Note that the lifespan of a membrane can be affected by numerous factors including the quality of feed water, the amount of waste/flush water that your unit produces and the frequency of pre-filter servicing. Service periods may vary significantly for your unit.


  1. Turn off the feed water to the RO unit and open the faucet/outlet valve to release any pressure that may be in the unit. The unit must be fully depressurised before continuing.

  2. Disconnect the single tube that runs into the screw-on cap on the membrane housing. If you are unfamiliar with quick-fit fittings there are instruction available on how to use them.

  3. Unscrew the cap from the membrane housing. As you are doing so, be careful that you dont drop/lose the O-ring that seals the membrane housing.

  4. Remove the RO membrane by gripping the hard plastic core of the membrane with a pair of pliers and pulling the RO membrane straight out of the housing.


  5. Lubricate the two O-rings on the end of the membrane and the black rubber skirt with a SILICONE based O-ring lubricant – DO NOT USE VASELINE OR ANY OTHER PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCTS.

  6. Slide the membrane into the housing so that the two small O-rings go in first. Push the membrane in all of the way so that it locates and seats in the end of the housing. The exposed end of the membrane should sit flush with the edge of the membrane housing.

  7. Lubricate and fit the membrane housing O-ring to the membrane housing.

  8. Screw the cap of the membrane housing back onto the membrane housing and tighten firmly by hand.

  9. Re-connect the tubing that connects to the screw-on cap on the membrane housing

  10. Turn the water back on to the unit and check for leaks.

    After changing a membrane the RO unit will normally need to be flushed for up to 60 minutes to purge the membrane of any preservative before it can be used.