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Thirsty Nomad Best RV Filter Caravan Mobile Motor Home Outback Water Filters

Thirsty Nomad Best RV Filter Caravan Mobile Motor Home Outback Water Filters

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If you select the option of the 5-in-1 purifier with a sediment filter we will assemble this for you and supply the additional fittings required. The sediment filter is similar to the one in the 4th image of this listing and will remove larger bits of sediment, particles, debris and dirt that may otherwise clog your more expensive 5-in-1 purifier faster then it should.
Why filter when you can purify your RV water

 100% Australian Design & Innovation

100% Australian Owned & Operated

Includes Quantum Disinfection™

POU Purifier
  1. Why just filter water when you can purify your water?
  2. Want to be sure that the water you and your family is drinking is free from microbiologically harmful pathogens and meets Australian Drinking Water Standards?
  3. Want to know that the components in your water purifier are all certified by independent laboratories, to the highest standards? 
  4. Want to know that your purifier is 100% Australian Developed & Owned IP and developed by Water Scientists – two of whom have PhD’s in Water Science?
  5. Tired of paying top dollar for an unknown source of Granular Activated Carbon that only removes chlorine, taste & odour and cannot act as a microbiological purifier? It’s what you can’t see in your water - that matters.


Many water filters provided to RV’s are not designed especially for the conditions in which you are consuming water in your RV. Many filters are designed for household use, not the Thirsty Nomad – whose proprietary water treatment process is a 100% Australian Innovation, 100% owned & operated by two Australian families and designed specifically for the conditions under which caravanners will be collecting, storing and consuming water.  

RV filters commonly contain loose Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), often of unknown origin. 

GAC cannot "disinfect" water so it does not remove, deactivate or kill pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.

GAC may trap micro-organisms, but also provides somewhere for bacteria to colonize.

Let’s take a moment to understand the difference between a bactericidal agent and a bacteriostatic one.

A bactericidal agent is one that is applied to a fluid in order to kill the bacteria contained in it. Examples of bactericidal agents for water treatment are chlorine, iodine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, chloramines and silver ions. The latter are dosed by electrolysis, from a silver anode, in which an electric current causes the oxidation of the metal, which is released into the water in its ionic state (Ag+).

In contrast, a bacteriostatic agent is not dosed into the fluid, but remains fixed in the solid. Therefore, silver-impregnated carbon is bacteriostatic but not bactericidal. In other words, it serves to inhibit bacterial growth on its surface, but does not guarantee the annihilation of microorganisms if they are carried by water in relatively high concentrations.

GAC cannot treat microbiologically unsafe water to Australian Drinking Water Standards, but the Thirsty Nomad can. Below are the results of an Independent Laboratory Test by Symbio Laboratories.

Brisbane River – Collages Crossing
(sample taken 9 April 2021)

Raw Water In

Treated Water Out

Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 – E.Coli Test



Thirsty Nomad 5 in 1 – Turbidity



Many filters on the market add silver as an anti-bacterial, however the World Health Organisation (WHO) does not recommend silver as a primary disinfectant in drinking-water supplies, as it has not demonstrated sufficient capability to be considered a candidate for primary 'disinfection'. 

Further, for silver to be effective, it requires long contact times, up to 4 hours, even some products own lab results demonstrate that silver needs 4 hours contact time to be effective. 

This is not practical in a daily use portable filter. 

One crucial factor to consider when buying a water filter is the filtration flow rate. 

This will greatly determine the effectiveness of the filter, and the type of contaminant that is eliminated. 

A slower flow rate is better for greater purification, as compared to a faster flow rate. 

Most RV filters do not control the flow rate or contact time ignoring the science for optimal performance.

The Thirsty Nomad, however, has a flow controller integrated into the outlet fittings, so that you can be sure that the treatment processes of these filters is working to its optimal contact time for optimal performance. 


Because out here, safe water matters….
  • You can safely draw water from clear creek, river or bore – we recommend that you draw water near to the surface of creeks and rivers to ensure that you’re drawing the clearest water you can
  • Chemicals, heavy metals, and VOC’s are removed, bacteria and viruses are destroyed
  • All components are certified by independent laboratories
  • Can be re-used after periods of non-use
  • Can be installed in any direction – horizontal or vertical
  • No maintenance required
  • DIY Installation – comes with quick connect push fittings for 12mm water system or ¼” water system
  • High quality certified and independently tested components
  • Well priced
  • Compact                     
3 in 1 Purifiercan be used inline or to fill RV tanks


To fill your caravan tanks from a tap or installed permanently inline at the point of use


Removes chlorine, odour, taste. Reduces heavy metals, inhibits bacterial colonisation on carbon block and with the Quantum Disinfection™, kills 99.9999% of bacteria & viruses on contact. 


3 in 1 Purification. 5 micron carbon block rating and Quantum Disinfection™ equivalent micron rating of 0.001. Type A quality carbon block removes heavy metals with anti-bacterial nano-fabric wrap plus Quantum Disinfection™ for water disinfection. 

  • Lasts up to 18 months or 7,500 litres
  • Requires no power and no chemicals
  • A grade carbon block manufactured in an ISO9001 & 14001 certified facility
  • Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material safety requirements
  • QD media disinfection rating of 6 log reduction = 99.9999% reduction
  • Lead free brass fittings fits standard hose connection
  • Quantum Disinfection™ destroys 99.9999% of bacterial & viruses in 0.1/second – certified by over 10 laboratories worldwide.
  • UV Protected, 65 psi pressure rated, clear polycarbonate housing


  • 4 L/Min flow restrictor in outlet fitting
  • 18 Months or 7,500 litres [1st occurrence]
  • Operating Temp. 4 deg C - 50 deg C
  • Min Operating Pressure:  138kpa | 20psi
  • Max Operating Pressure: 483kpa | 60psi
  • Connections: Garden hose | 1/4" quick fits | 12mm quick fits
  • Maximum flow rate: 4 litres per minute
  • Weight: 425 grams with brass fittings
  • Particle size rating:  5uM & QD media equivalent to 0.001uM

5 in 1 Purifier – best used inline before drinking from your tank


Can be used to fill RV tanks and / or installed permanently at the point of use (under your sink) 


Use the 5 in 1 when you travel into remote locations where the water has not been treated and may be from a natural source such as a river, creek or steam where the water may even have high turbidity.


Removes chlorine, taste, odour, arsenic III and V and 10 heavy metals, the 0.01 Ultrafiltration removes sediment to clarify the water so that the Quantum Disinfection™ media kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

5 micron carbon fibre block, followed by a 0.01 micron rated Ultrafiltration, and then down to 0.001 micron rating equivalent within the QD media 


5 in 1 Purification. 5 micron; 0.01micron; and 0.001 equivalent micron rating, heavy metal & arsenic removal, carbon fibre block, antibacterial nano-fabric, ultrafiltration for clarity and Quantum Disinfection™ for elimination of bacteria & viruses. 

  • 2 Years/10,000 litres
  • Uses no power and no chemicals for complete water purity
  • QD Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF P231- protocol - which certifies that a drinking water treatment product acts as a microbiological purifier
  • Quantum Disinfection™ kills 99.9999% of bacterial & viruses in 0.1/second of contact
  • UV Protected, 125 psi, clear polycarbonate housing
  • Lead free brass fittings
  • Quick connect push fittings for either 12mm or ¼” water pipe systems 


  • 4 L/Min flow restrictor in outlet fitting
  • 24 Months or 10,000 litres [1st occurrence]
  • Operating Temp. 4 deg C - 50 deg C
  • Min Operating Pressure:  138kpa | 20psi
  • Max Operating Pressure: 483kpa | 60psi
  • Connections: Garden hose | 1/4" quick fits | 12mm quick fits
  • Maximum flow rate: 4 litres per minute
  • Weight: 425 grams with brass fittings
  • Particle size rating:  5uM, 0.01uM hollow fibre & QD media equiv. 0.001uM

More about Quantum Disinfection TM

No Chemicals | No Power | No Pathogens

What it does?

Quantum Disinfection™ is a new generation of nano-composite materials with activated surfaces that kills harmful pathogens including bacteria (E. coli, Staphylococcus, Legionella, etc.), viruses (MS2) and protozoa (Cryptosporidium) form water, with no power, no chemicals and no maintenance. 

How does it work?

Quantum DisinfectionTM is a revolutionary technology, exclusive to the Thirsty Nomad in Australia. QD has 7 patents worldwide. 

QD uses the quantum mechanic principals of electron movement and doping, in order to create powerful catalysts with highly activated surfaces applied, since 2011, for water and air disinfection. 

A quantum leap away from the classical methods (chlorine, alcohol, bromide, ozone or UV), Quantum DisinfectionTM uses a discharged surface (positive quantum field) that attracts electrons. Water, or air, simply has to pass over the Quantum DisinfectionTM ceramics and the microorganisms (negatively charged) are instantly killed.  

How efficient is it. 

The best results from several institutions and certified laboratories show a 99.9999% elimination for bacteria (E.coli) and >99.99% for viruses (MS2). 

Does it have any certifications?  

Yes. QD media has: 

NSF/ANSI 42 (Certificate #: C0292640-01)

Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF P231 protocol – which certifies that a drinking water treatment product acts as a microbiological purifier. 

Tested by IAPMO to NSF/ANSI 61 (Certificate #: 23033) 

Certificate Ministry of Health - China (Certificate #: 2015KF2513)                             

Thirsty Nomad’s Quantum Disinfection™ media

What is it? 

A ceramic:
alumina based,
friendly, solid
media, odourless and insoluble.

A new phenomenon: attracts electrons from micro organisms (bacteria, viruses) causing
entire structure
to collapse.

A catalyst: disinfects water
and air with
its activated surfaces, no power, no chemicals, no maintenance. 

kills micro

How QD is applied? 

QD can only be applied in packed bed inside devices, systems, cartridges, units, etc. with an inlet and an outlet that can ensure the contact of the microorganisms with the activated QD ceramics. No by-passes. 

Has QD been tested by 3rd party labs? 

Yes. Quantum DisinfectionTM technology has been rigorously tested and posted excellent results by: - Environmental Protection Agency, USA - Homeland Security (against Anthrax virus), USA - Eurofins,

USA - Pasteur Institute of Lille (now Eurofins), France - NC State University, USA - Proteus, France -

Guangdong Detection Centre of Microbiology, China - Institute of Environmental Health and

Related Product Safety, Chinese Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, China - Avazyme, USA - Ackuritlabs, USA - Microbac, USA - QFT Laboratory, USA - JAMPO (NSF P231 protocol), USA and India All of these reports are available upon request. 

Does QD working in gravity fits? 


Does QD require any pressure? 


Does QD require any electricity? 

No. QD is not an electrical device. 

How long does QD media last? 

QD media is a catalyst that, in theory, do not expire and the positive filed at the ceramic surfaces remains permanently the same. In reality, suspended solids or other particles can get into the vessels and clog the activated surfaces leading to slowly losses of the germicide activity. We noticed that after a certain amount of water or air that passed through, the germicide activity of the QD ceramics can drop, after one year of use, from 99.99% to 99.98% or lower. 


These filters are not approved for permanent connection to mains supply under constant pressure and should only be used as portable filters

All of the parts that come into contact with the water in our systems are manufactured from food grade plastics. All of the filters and parts that we source are of the highest quality and meet the required quality standards

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase please contact us so that we can try to resolve your concerns